Do drugs affect the outcome?

Depending on the type of the test, different drugs may have an impact on the test results. 

Food Allergy Test

Food Sensitivity & Allergy Test

Extensive Food Sensitivity & Allergy Test:

What to consider:

  • Omalizumab (Xolair ®) is used to treat asthma und allergies and is a so called anti-IgE antibody, which works to reduce the number of IgE antibodies circulating in the blood. 
  • Antihistamines reduce the effect of histamine and are used to treat allergies. During an allergic reaction, there is a high concentration of Type E immunoglobulins in the blood. Therefore, it can be assumed that antihistamines have an effect on these IgE levels because they are used in case of allergies. However, there is no scientific documentation on the context.

If your medicine is not listed here and you are unsure whether it may affect the test, please ask your doctor. If this does not answer your questions please contact us by email at help@cerascreen.com.

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