How do I send the blood sample back to cerascreen?

The test kit comes with an envelope which already has a shipping label. You can simply throw this into a mailbox. In summer, we recommend that you hand in your blood sample directly at the post office so that it is not exposed to the heat in the mailbox. As a result, the blood can clot and will no longer be able to be evaluated. If your blood is clotted when it arrives at the lab, we will automatically send you a new test kit. In this case, you will be informed in advance by email.

For US.

Place the sampling device (ie. dried blood spot card) into the biohazard bag. Then put the biohazard bag inside the test kit box. Place the box into the prepaid return envelope and drop it off at USPS or the closest drop-off center on the same day between Monday- Friday. If your test kit is damaged when it arrives at the lab, we will inform you via email and send you a new test kit.


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