Before we reimburse you the money, we would like to send you a new blood sample kit so that you can take the blood sample once again. Please tell us your test ID and your shipping address.

Avoid taking the blood sample directly after getting up to ensure that your circulation is stimulated.

Please always pay regards to the tips which we provide in the instructions. Try holding your hand a little longer under warm water and also move your arm more in circles. In addition, taking the blood sample from the middle finger of the left hand works best. The lancet should be placed at an angle so that as much tissue as possible is ‘injured’ so as to increase the flow of blood. Besides, you can easily draw back the skin of the finger after the prick so that the wound opens slightly. It is also important that you drink enough water (1.5 to 2 litres) the day before taking the blood sample so that the blood is not so viscous.