I'm having trouble collecting my blood sample

Occasionally it is difficult to collect the amount of blood required for examination. We will be happy to send you a new blood collection kit. Tips for blood collection: You may want to keep your hand under warm water for a little longer and circle it longer. Our customers have told us that using the middle finger of your left hand works best. A successful blood collection may depend on your physical condition that day. Low blood pressure can negatively affect the blood draw. Do not take your blood sample in the morning. It is better to wait until your circulation has "gotten going." Try to position the lancet diagonally on your finger so that as much tissue as possible is "injured" so that more blood escapes. In addition, you can easily retract the skin of the finger after the puncture so that the wound stays open. Drinking a lot of water is not only healthy, it will also help with ! Drink 1.5-2 liters (7-9 cups) of water the day before. If you need a new test kit, please contact us (contact@cerascreen.com). We will then send you a new one free of charge. 

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