I have not received a test result - what could be the reason?

Considering delivery time and demand it may take a few days for your result to be available online. Once the sample has arrived in our lab, you will be notified by email. It is possible that your online questionnaire has not been completed and sent incomplete. In this case you will also receive an email from us. Please log in on our homepage and click on the button "my test". If there is a note "Please answer questions", complete the questionnaire until the end. By means of the green bar you can follow the progress. Did you stick the QR- Code sticker on the tube? Only with this sticker we can assign you the blood after arrival in the laboratory. Did you activate the ID immediately after shipping? If this is not the case and your blood has reached us before activation, we were unable to match the blood. Please get in contact with us and inform us of the subsequent activation. If your blood has become hemolytic and can no longer be evaluated, we will automatically send you a new test. This can happen because of too long transport times or because of strong pressure during blood collection. We will try to send you the new test kit as soon as possible. The shipping time may vary due to different shipping service providers. In this case, however, you will always be informed by email.

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